Sometimes, bad news can be good.

Not everyone who comes to my office for a consultation with me gets good news about their case. I had to give a client in a consultation some bad news this week. And that was a good thing. He even thanked me for doing so. Let me explain. I always make my inquiries using the golden rule. I advise all my potential clients putting me in their shoes. I ask myself, “How would I wish that lawyer would talk to me to advise and advise me if I were that person sitting there?” And that’s what I do. I speak honestly and openly to all customers. I tell them the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. I let them know how the law can help them and how it can’t.

It’s not always easy

Sometimes I have to be a little strong with them when they’re trying to “sugar” their story. I shake the truth out of them sometimes if I feel like they’re not telling me the whole story. This is because only by knowing the full and honest story can I properly and ethically advise the client. If you hide or avoid telling me all the details in your case, I can’t be sure whether or not there is a remedy for your situation. With all the details of their full story, if there’s anything I can do as a lawyer using the full force of the law to help them, I tell you that. If I can’t do anything, I tell them that too. I always tell my clients when we start our consultation that the main purpose of our meeting is to help them by educating them. Knowledge eliminates fear. Most of my clients leave our practice relieved and fear removed simply because they now know the truth about how I can use the law to help them. In fact, even when there is nothing that can be done to help them, most appreciate honest legal advice. My first goal is to help and educate my clients. We don’t even discuss fees until and unless there is a possible case or legal action we can take. That’s why that client I gave the bad news to thanked me. He had gone to other legal advisors and one promised him the moon for a very high price. I explained and showed him in detail why I didn’t have any cases. Also, before hearing of the other inquiries, I told him not to spend a penny on his case because sadly he had no solution under the law. He saw right away that he would have lost a great deal of money if he had not been educated about how the law prevented him from making the profit he wanted. He left a little sad but grateful and couldn’t stop thanking me for telling the truth. If you need an immigration consultation about your specific case and want an honest, complete, and detailed consultation from an experienced attorney, call my office and schedule your free consultation. I assure you that you will leave my office educated about how the law may or may not help you. It eliminates their doubts, fears and hesitations. Ask for your free consultation now.

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