Stop Notarial Fraud

Attorney Abraham B. Cardenas is a licensed attorney authorized to represent people throughout the United States in any immigration case. Attorney Cardenas is also a member of the National Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) who prepared this video on notary fraud. The AILA organization recognizes lawyers who practice immigration law in the country. Scams are on the rise in immigration cases. Every week we learn of another person or family who, by not going to an attorney authorized to represent people in their immigration cases, has lost their case, lost money and even the opportunity to correctly fix their situation. With the new changes announced in november 2014, there are many people looking for help with the applications that have to be prepared and presented. Across the country, scams, fraud, and unqualified people are already being seen and reported making promises or guarantees of not knowing what they are doing. In many cases, they take your money and do nothing. In other cases, the work they do is bad and results in wasted money time and even puts the person in trouble by applying or asking for an immigration benefit. Don’t be swayed by these organizations or people who don’t know the details of the laws and changes announced. Consult and hire only a licensed attorney with experience in the field of immigration law. Attorney Cardenas is dedicated exclusively to immigration law and the cases of clients with immigration problems that need solution. I relied on Attorney Cardenas’ experience to resolve your immigration case. With more than 23 years of experience, he knows how to find a solution to your immigration case.

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